Sanday Sealcam is live!

Want to be able to watch all the action of a Grey seal pupping beach without the long walk and Orcadian weather?  Now is your chance to watch our Sanday pups from the comfort of your armchair!

It’s the time of year when Atlantic Grey Seals haul up on beaches around Orkney to give birth to the fluffy white pups.  As well as pupping, there is a whole drama acted out on the beaches during this time.  Fighting males, defensive females, amorous encounters, new arrivals and the inevitable tragedies – no, it’s not the latest hit US sitcom, but instead the usual ‘goings on’ on the pupping beaches.  Every year, most of this action happens out of sight on remote, inaccessible beaches, but for those with an internet connection, it’s possible to watch all the latest drama and gossip (if you speak seal that is!) via the unique Sanday Sealcam!

Thought to be one of the only sealcams operating in the UK this year, the camera streams live on a daily basis during daylight hours, from the Sanday Ranger website ( or the Northlink Ferries website (  You can even view the camera live on the screens at Kirkwall Airport, but don’t miss your flight, it is surprisingly addictive viewing!

The Sanday Sealcam is managed by the Sanday Ranger, Emma Neave-Webb and was set-up and maintained by Orkney-based Triscom Technology Ltd.  Emma said, “It has a hard task to stream the camera using remote, rural broadband, but Triscom have worked miracles to get the camera up and running in time for the new arrivals, with high quality live footage successfully being streamed onto the web”.  The project, sponsored by Serco NorthLink Ferries, allows visitors the opportunity to see the amazing wildlife opportunities that Orkney has to offer, and follow the highs and lows of an Orkney seal colony during pupping season from the comfort of their armchair.

Pup 7 Sneaky 28.10.16


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